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Slewing cranes

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Slewing jib cranes provide most economic lifting and labor saving solution, which is ideal for positioning over machenie tools or workstations. Basic types include the wall mounted jib rane giving a nominal 180° slew and the round column mounted crane giving a nominal 360° slew. Continuously slewing models are also available.

Technical statements:
  • max. capacity 2t
  • max. span 6 m
  • max. height 10m
Parameters for slewing cranes can be modify according to customer:
  • wire rope hoist and chain hoist - LIFTKET, STAHL, GIGA, ABUS
  • different accessories : hooks, magnets, hydraulic grabs and grab dredgers, girders
  • driving mechanism slewing can be manual jib or electric
  • install weighting and overloading equipment

Complete supply is including production, installation, working-out constructional documentations and documentations for manufacturing. Advantages for this type of cranes are: variability solution, low capacity, small dimensions, minimálne nároky na kotvenie, minimal demands for anchoring.

Term of delivery: 8-10 weeks

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